Fowler Farms

Fowler Farms was founded in 1818 when Cody Fowler settled the original farmland in the Tallassee Community of Athens, GA. Cody farmed the land thoughtfully to provide for his family and community, instilling a tradition of land stewardship that the Fowler family has kept alive ever since.
Over the last 2 centuries, Fowler Farms has had many Fowler stewards, all with unique visions on how to honor Cody’s agrarian legacy. Now in the 9th generation, Fowler Farms has a new calling, to provide the citizens of Georgia with the finest pastured pork and grassfed beef around.

Fowler Farms mission is to achieve excellence in production through excellence in land and livestock management.  To realize this goal we employ the principles of intensive rotational grazing, holistic management and wise animal husbandry. We will continue to advance Cody Fowler’s vision of wise land stewardship in an effort to feed our family and community healthy, safe and humanely raised meat. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used in any of our animals.

Fowler Farms provides grassfed beef and pastured pork for Farm 255 and Farm Cart  (Athens),  Farmburger  (Decatur), and the Moonshine Meats CSA Program.

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